We connect brands.

New channels for well-known brands –
We bring products and buyers together.

Multi Channel Distribution:
The right route for every product

We specialise in bringing the products of well-known brand manufacturers to new sales channels and distribution channels. We act both as intermediaries and partners between our customers, their sales markets and the top brands in the fields of technology, tools, garden and living. The goal of our work is to optimise procurement processes, data processing and logistics for both sides. We primarily take care of all sales tasks so that the branded products reach target group-oriented sales channels, guaranteeing fast sales.

Many well-known brands, labels and distributors already rely on our services. We bring your products to the customer groups that are tailored to them and to the appropriate sales channels.

We take part in the amfori BSCI initiative and take care of enhancing working conditions in global supply chains. We have committed the code of conduct of the BSCI and observe the compliance – of all our suppliers.

In summary,
we stand for:

Personal contact is our top priority

Trust, loyalty and discretion are the core of our business. The personal contact and fixed contact persons guarantee you a constant and successful cooperation. We value long-term business partnerships and are always careful to ensure that all sides (brand / distributor and sales channel) are satisfied with our performance and that the cooperation is worthwhile for all parties.

Sourcing branded products

We understand global sourcing. We have a Europe-wide network, and we ourselves form the link between brands, distributors and stationary sales channels, such as large retail chains. We find the most satisfying and lucrative distribution solutions for each site. Do you need specific branded products for promotions at many POS locations? We'll take care of it.

Loyalty to brands and markets

Market irritations and breaches of distribution agreements must be avoided. Loyalty is important to us. We are not only loyal to our brand customers, but also to our partners from the sales markets. Have the successes of your last brand promotions exceeded your expectations? Then we will do everything we can to repeat this success.

Discrete sales to existing customer groups

In addition to loyalty, discretion is a decisive factor in the success of branded products. We know what is important and know solutions and ways to bring popular brand products into new sales channels without causing irritation to brand owners. This is our core skill. Our success and our constantly growing network prove us right.

Reliable and punctual handling of processes (EDI, Smarttrans etc.)

Timing is the be-all and end-all, not only for seasonal sales promotions. Not only we know this, but so too do our B2B network partners. We ensure that ordered branded products reach the logistics centres of the respective sales channel on time. We ensure the transparency of all processes by supporting common EDI standards.

Centralised and decentralised B2B logistics

Depending on the sales channel, product brand and distributor, we can optimally adapt all processes to any scenario. Shipping from a central warehouse or from different warehouse locations is not a challenge for us. Depending on the application, we can also offer you special fulfilment services. Should the containers and packaging units of branded goods differ from those of the goods regularly put into circulation in your sales channel? This is no problem for us either. We have the option to provide tailor-made repackaging and decentralised dispatch to your locations.

Coordinated billing with no detours

Thanks to our experience in dealing with brands and retail chains, we have been able to map all conceivable invoicing variants. No matter whether it is a centralised, decentralised or a regulated invoicing process – we follow your specifications for invoicing processes to the letter.

Recognition of your business processes

A goal of personal contact is understanding your corporate processes. Which location needs which information and via which routes? What is the structure of your warehouse logistics and which systems have to be considered? Are there any special requirements for delivery or collection? It is our goal to handle our sourcing and fulfillment service precisely, on time and in accordance with your processes. For us, this represents the basis for a long-term business relationship.


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What our B2B fulfillment service can do for you:

Our business is to source branded products for stationary commerce and brokering its distribution through appropriate channels. Discretion and loyalty are the cornerstones of our work. We have both the necessary experience and a large cross-industry network. This puts us in a position to always present our customers with the optimum sales solution.

Our service works bidirectionally. This means that we can take action in the event of an oversupply as well as in the event of specific requests for popular branded articles, ensuring that our product sourcing can procure the requested delivery quantity and deliver it to the desired warehouse locations on time.

Excess supply: an example

A large distributor has miscalculated the pre-order of a new product of the brand being handled, XY, and now has too many units to sell. The distributor now contacts Franz Nonnenmacher, reports the excess stock and enquires about sales opportunities. We continuously monitor the markets, know which large retail chains have which products on offer and which are not available there, but are definitely in demand.

We take care of quickly finding the right addressee who needs exactly the product offered. We always consider specifications such as, for example, that certain markets or countries should be excluded. Discretion and loyalty are at the top of our agenda here and are the most important assets, especially in an established distribution structure with clear rules and regulations.

Demand market: An example

A large retail chain wants to offer high-quality branded tools from brand manufacturer XY for a large DIY promotion. Since the retail chain is not an official distributor for the manufacturer, it turns to the company Franz Nonnenmacher.

We know the sales structures and distribution networks of the largest brands and can quickly identify a partner who has an overcapacity of the requested branded product. We offer this inventory to the procurement department of the retail chain so that the planned sales promotion can generate more turnover and customer loyalty with the brand tool.

Communicate branded products to the right sales channels

The advantage of trading with renowned branded goods is stable demand. Proven quality is always sought after, price structures in sales move within the maximum and minimum limits defined by the market and branded products sell quickly as promotional goods. Costs for warehousing and logistics are minimised.

Customer loyalty through products of major labels & brands

You can use the image and popularity of large brands for yourself and the success of your sales promotions. If, in addition to your standard range, customers find products from well-known brands, the reward centre will be contacted. Purchasing suddenly offers added value. This feeling is now associated with your market and the customer becomes a regular customer. Always looking for the next brand bargain. Our customers rely on these mechanisms and the success of their regular promotions proves them right.

Customer loyalty through special and coveted articles that are not part of a retailer’s regular product range is applied sales psychology and is already used very successfully by all large retail chains. The goal of the brand promotion is not the short-term maximum profit generation through sales, but the long-term loyalty of customers to your market.


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